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LEAP OVERSEAS teaches you how to avoid the typical pitfalls when moving overseas. It helps you become the best, and most resilient dancer you can be. Especially designed for young pre-professional dance students.   

Join Philippa and Stephanie as they share decades of combined experience helping young dancers navigate the big transition to the other side of the world successfully!

Stephanie Potreck

Founder, AusDancersOverseas.com

Stephanie trained in London, UK at The Urdang Academy. An injury ended her career early and sparked her interest in medicine. Now a doctor, she felt that still wasn’t enough to sufficiently help dancers, so she also became a sports nutritionist. After more than 10 years in hospitals, she now sees dancers in her clinic, often virtually, and not only optimizes their health and nutrition, but also collaborates with colleagues (GPs, gynecologists, endocrinologists etc.) worldwide in order to ensure dancers receive all the treatment necessary to support them to become the best and healthiest version of themselves. 

Philippa Ziegenhardt

Founder, StageMinded.com

Philippa grew up in Perth, Western Australia. After a hop and a skip to full-time training in Sydney, she leapt over to Hamburg, Germany to complete her Diploma at the Hamburg Ballet School. She went on to dance professionally for 6 years with the Hamburg Ballet before retraining as a Counsellor back in Australia. She has been helping performers around the world to develop a strong mindset for the industry for the last 10 years years through StageMinded and is also the School Counsellor at The Australian Ballet School.

 Sat July 25th 4pm AEST


Oh so different!

Moving overseas is exciting and daunting at the same time…

You’ll be navigating dance and LIFE in new city and culture, with a new climate (how cold does it get?!!) and maybe even a new language as well!

From banking and budgeting to finding accommodation and flat-mates, there is a lot to work out in this foreign place… Gulp! Suddenly you need to be so much more independent…

But you’re not on your own! In this webinar, Philippa and Stephanie will walk you through:

  • What to do before you leave for overseas so you’re prepared: body, mind and suitcase
  • The best ways to manage culture shock and feel at home quickly
  • Practical tips for getting set up in your new home (including things you never knew you needed to think of… hello liability insurance!)
  • >>PLUS 2 handy Checklists so you can prepare to leave and settle in with ease

Sat August 8th 4pm AEST


OMG – I’ve got to cook for myself…!

There can be so many questions about food when you first move overseas:

Where can I shop for groceries on a budget? Why are the shops not open on Sundays, the only day I have time? What should I buy? How do I meal-prep? I don't have time to eat!

I'm losing weight - help! I'm putting on weight - help! What do they mean by ’eat a bit healthier'? What does ’Eat a bit more, but not much’ mean for me? I can't afford to eat out all the time but I'm too tired to cook for myself…

Philippa and Stephanie will guide you through the most typical questions and problems they see dancers face with food when moving overseas. You’ll learn:

  • How to be your own boss and prepare fantastic meals on a budget 
  • The surprising link between mood and food
  • How to avoid potential health problems related to food
  • >> PLUS our dancers’ most-loved recipes, shopping lists and substitutes

Sat August 22nd 4pm AEST


How do I find my feet!?

When you move overseas to dance, suddenly everything is new: new teachers, new friends, new ways of doing things, new expectations. It’s all good… but it adds up and things can easily get overwhelming, especially when your support network back home is so far away. 

In this session Philippa and Stephanie will show you how you can adapt well to all the changes you’re facing and get into a rhythm that will really work for you. You’ll learn:

  • 3 simple shortcuts to feel on top of things fast
  • Tips for making friends and handling homesickness
  • Stress-busters for those challenging early days
  • >> PLUS Our dancers’ favourite journaling and time-management templates

Sat Sept 5th 4pm AEST


Bring it on!

Now we get to the real reason you’re here… performing!

You want to soak up every inch of the experience overseas. You want to be the best dancer you can be. You don’t want anything to hold you back!

In this final of 4 webinars, Philippa and Stephanie will lift the lid on the real things that make or break dancers overseas and how you can set yourself up to avoid the pitfalls to become the strongest dancer you can be. We’ll cover:

  • Overcoming the biggest barriers to performing at your peak
  • How to build body resilience in the ballet world
  • Becoming the manager of your own health team
  • >> PLUS The best apps and resources we’ve found to champion you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

We have 3 options for you:

1) Individual webinar = $79 each. You can upgrade to be part of the full program at any time.

2) Full LEAP Program = $197. This is our recommended option, including all 4 webinars, Q&A and supporting materials

3) LEAP + Coaching = $297 Add 1 consultation with Philippa and 1 with Stephanie to tailor a plan just for you!

How do I know it's for me?

These webinars have been designed specifically for dancers moving overseas to pursue their career in dance. So, no matter where in the world you are moving to or from, how old you are, or whether you are moving overseas for work or to continue your training, these webinars will be just right for you!

They are also made with parents of dancers moving overseas in mind and will focus on ways you can support your dancer throughout their transition.

I'm not sure when I'll be going overseas due to COVID, should I still participate?

We get it. A lot of people are in limbo right now! Doing the LEAP Program now will mean you will be so much more prepared whenever the time does come to leave. These are unusual times - we believe that's even more reason for dancers to get wise about how to take good care of yourself, mentally and physically, whilst overseas and make sure you have good mentors alongside you in the process.

I have already moved overseas, is this still for me?

Yes, you are welcome! There have been so many disruptions to dancers settling in overseas this year! While the first webinar will focus on culture shock and the logistics of moving overseas, you will still get a LOT out of the program if you've moved away from home in the last 12-18 months. If you're not sure if it's for you, or want help deciding which webinars would be most valuable in your situation, please get in touch with us and we'll help you work it out. :)

What if I'm not Australian? Can I still participate?

Of course you can! The information we cover is relevant for any dancer moving to a foreign place to pursue their career in dance. We welcome all your diverse experiences!

I'm a parent, can I also join?

We'd love to have you. The LEAP Program will be equally helpful for parents supporting their dancer to navigate this change, as it will the dancers themselves! Each registration is a household registration. We'd encourage parents and dancers to participate together. You'll be stronger as a team!

When are the LEAP webinars on?

The Webinars will take place fortnightly on Saturday afternoons at 4pm AEST (Sydney/Melbourne time):

  • July 25th
  • August 8th
  • August 22nd
  • September 5th

What if I can't make the time the webinars are on LIVE?

That's ok. When you register, you'll get access to recordings of the webinars to watch in the 2 weeks following the webinar. If you have any questions on the topic, you can email them in advance and we'll answer you live on the webinar. If you're watching later and have a question, just shoot us an email. ;)

When will my coaching sessions be if I book the LEAP + Coaching option?

Philippa and Stephanie will email you to arrange a time for your consultations. You can decide whether you'd like to have them before the program starts, once you finish or at any other time that suits you before December 24th 2020.

If I only book one webinar, what if I want to upgrade to the full program later?

No problem. Just email Philippa or Stephanie and they will arrange for an upgrade. You will only pay the difference between what you've already paid and the full price. To access the full LEAP program, you will need to upgrade before the 4th Webinar on the 5th September 2020.

Got more questions? No worries! Please email Philippa: philippa@stageminded.com or Stephanie: hello@ausdancersoverseas.com :)